Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reserves: Fire 3 - Revs 1

The Revolution Reserves fell 3-1 to the Chicago Fire Reserves this morning. After the Fire squandered some early chances, Joe Germanese put the Revs ahead in the 24th minute with a chip over the keeper after making a long run into the box. The Fire tied it up a little over ten minutes later when Mike Banner converted a penalty kick.

At half time the Revs used just about every substitute available. Gary Flood, who recently returned to training after a ankle injury, entered the match as did several guest players, leaving the team with Flood, Germanese, and Brandon Tyler as the only players under contract with the Revs remaining on the field.

The Fire controlled the match from there and just a few minutes into the second half Tomasz Frankowski put the Fire in the lead. The Revs had a chance to equalize in the 61st minute, but a guest player wearing #4 sent his shot high of the mark from just a few yards out after getting on the end of a cross from the right flank. The Fire put the game out of reach with a goal from Peter Lowry in the 89th minute.



Blogger BrianTheOC said...

Sean, did u catch who the Revs keeper was in the second half of the reserve game? I remember he wore #40, but I couldn't find a name. I assume he was another guest player, but didn't know if you knew who he was.

August 11, 2008 12:26 AM  
Blogger Sean Donahue said...

According to the MLS report, it was Sergio Soccoccino. Nothing on him in a quick google search, but eliminate the "n" in the last name and you get a former Northeastern (2002-2005) goalkeeper, who played for the New Hampshire Phantoms in 2007, but not this season.

Based on the photos, I'd say the n was just a misprint and it is Sergio Soccoccio.

An interesting scouting report can be seen here:

That said, I don't see him as being any more than a guest player while Knighton is on loan.

August 12, 2008 1:36 AM  

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